Fayette SAT scores compared to Coweta SAT scores

As a Realtor I am asked all the time, “Which school is the best?”
The answer to that ubiquitous question depends heavily upon the parents, students and interests of each. The best school for….what exactly? The best football school? The best graphic arts school? The best science school? Each school has strengths and weaknesses that can’t be summed up in just one answer.
Results were just released for 2013 SAT scores. Which school came out on top? See below for the results.
Huddleston Pond is a popular place for fishing, walking and leisurely golf cart rides in Peachtree City. It’s located in the McIntosh High School, JC Booth Middle School and Huddleston Elementary School district.
Fayette and Coweta schools SAT scores
Top scoring schools:
McIntosh High School scored 1,644 points
Starr’s Mill High School scored 1,622 points
The Fayette County high schools serving Peachtree City students scored 100-200 points higher than other schools in the area.
Middle scores, above national average:
Whitewater High School scored 1,516 points
Northgate High School scored 1,501
Lower than national average but still higher than the state average for Georgia:
Newnan High School scored 1,473
Sandy Creek High School scored 1,459
East Coweta High School scored 1,457
Fayette County High School scored 1,454 points
The state average SAT is 1,452; national average is 1,498.

Finding love online

This is the original blog I wrote before my laptop went on hiatus. It’s back. Not completely functional but getting there.

Almost four years ago at a particularly lonely time in my life, I fell in love online with a handsome, blond guy. In his online photo he appeared to be a big guy – big boned – but for his size he seemed to be a good weight. He looked fit; he seemed happy. So after a few days of stalking him online, trying to find out as much as I could about him, thinking about him, wondering about his past, his hopes for the future…. without telling anyone, I impulsively went to meet him. I fell even more deeply in love when I looked into his soulful brown eyes…. I brought him home with me.

My hubby wasn’t very happy when he learned about this situation. Unexpectedly, he came home early that day and caught me red-handed standing in the front yard with my new love.

“Is that the dog you were looking at online?” he said sternly. “I can’t believe you did this.”

To say he was aggravated with me would be an understatement.

But I didn’t care! The vet guessed that my sweet, big, lovable baby was about seven years old and looked very much like an Anatolian Shepherd with his kohl-rimmed eyes, tall stature and iridescent coat. A little research revealed that Rex, my king, at only 75 pounds was smaller than a full breed Anatolian. Anatolians are wonderful sheep herders and need lots and lots of exercise.

We quickly learned that if we didn’t provide Rex with enough exercise, he was going to get it one way or another.  Typically that meant escaping our home through whatever means possible and going for a nice long run throughout central Peachtree City.

After his first escape, I invested in a $5 tag with his name and my cell phone number. That $5 investment has paid major dividends. I’ve had calls from golfers playing Flat Creek golf course (his favorite free-running spot), families in Pinegate neighborhood, teenagers over by Interlochen neighborhood, and early morning walkers from Golfview neighborhood. Rex gets around.

I’m so grateful to live in a place where neighbors look out for each other and lost/escapist dogs.

We also learned that we are Rex’s flock. He must protect us and to protect us he must have a good look-out position. He determined the dining room offered optimal views of the front of our property and long-range views of our neighborhood. Having claimed his sentinel spot, he went about improving the space for his protection of us. This meant eating the wooden blinds that were in his way. We replaced them a couple of times, he ate them again and again. Finally, he trained us. Message received. Now we just leave the blinds open and pulled up about five feet. He’s happy as long as he has an unobstructed view.

However, when I am home his place is with me. He follows me from room to room, up and down the stairs, settling down wherever I land; close enough to protect but never intrude. Who says online relationships won’t last? This one has.

Witness Protection Pup

I’m pretty sure Rex is in the Federal Witness Protection Program.

#1. He’s camera shy terrified. Bring out a camera and that poor dog can’t get out of the room fast enough. And not just a camera, a phone with a camera, an iPad with a camera. He’s smart and he quickly identifies any object that may be used to capture his soul. It kills me because I’m a lifelong photog and he’s so darn cute!

#2. He is such a good dog. Rex and I feel in love online through www.petfinder.com. I was looking for a shepherd-mix dog and he was looking for a family. He had been picked up by Fayette County Animal Shelter somewhere in the southeastern part of the county. As soon as all the adoption paperwork was finalized I took my big baby to the car and he happily jumped in the back seat. Then I took him to Puppy Tubs for a big bath, which he was very sweet about. Gradually I learned that I had adopted the greatest dog EVER. He doesn’t bark. He doesn’t lick. He is completely housebroken. He doesn’t jump on people.   He doesn’t jump on the couch. He doesn’t beg – in fact, he leaves the room when we eat dinner. He is so good….I have wondered hundreds of times over – how did he end up in the Clink? What unfortunate event(s) separated him from someone who loved him so much that they spent the time with him to teach and train this gentle giant? Ahhhhhhh – unless, of course, he is in the Witness Protection Program: It only makes sense.

#3. He is my stealth protector. Rex follows me from room-to-room. He sits at my feet when I work on the computer. He waits outside the shower door while I bathe. He cries for me when I leave the house. He watches out the front window for my return. As an Anatolian Shepherd mix, he is the epitome of “shepherd.” The sweetest thing about, Rex? When Emerson visits, after she goes to bed he stays in her room with her to guard and protect her. It’s the only time he doesn’t follow me. I think he learned this in Witness Protection school.


I think my sweet gorgeous dog probably had too many flash photographs taken of him as a puppy.

This is an Anatolian Shepherd puppy

This is an Anatolian Shepherd puppy

This is what Rex probably looked like as a puppy.

Can you imagine how many photos his puppy family took of this cutie?







So, while I was checking out the links to http://www.petfinder.com and the animal shelter, I came across a photo of another super cute pup.

This is Mr. Snuggles

This is Mr. Snuggles


Look at that face! Those eyes! That smile!

His name is Mr. SNUGGLES. I think I’m falling in love again!

And, here’s a stolen photo of me and Rex. It’s a little awkward, but that’s what it takes to ensnare a terrified dog.

Me and my Rex

Me and my Rex

Peachtree City home sales trivia

Statistics, numbers, trends, the economy. I read lots of articles about real estate trends and regularly track the number of new homes on the market in Fayette and Coweta counties, homes under contract, pending sales, price reductions, etc.

The MLS-generated* report with this information is called the Hotsheet. Back in the day, pretty much every real estate agent started his or her day by reviewing the Hotsheet. With today’s technology, agents can completely customize a daily or weekly Hotsheet to each agent’s localized market. I love consuming statistics and data – yes, in addition to being a newshound, I’m a bit of a nerd. However, my nerdiness comes in handy when it comes to pricing a home to sell or determining the best offer price for a buyer!

We focus so much on the average sales price, average days on market…..So the other day I was wondering about the extremes of the market. What was the least expensive home that sold? What was the largest home that sold? I thought it would be fun to do a little research and look outside the usual statistics.

Home prices

Of the 494 single family detached homes that sold in Peachtree City in 2012, it turns out the least expensive home sold was in Wynnmeade subdivision on the city’s west side that sold for $41,150. The home was listed for $38,000 but as we often see with great deals, the home actually sold for more. And, the most expensive home? Not surprisingly the home was on the north side in The Peninsula and the sales price was $1,270,000. What was very surprising is the home sold after only TWO days on the market! Homes listed at more than $400,000 are typically on the market for 8 -13 months. In all of Fayette County only four homes sold for more than $1 million last year; three of those were in Peachtree City.

Home size

The smallest single family detached home sold in Peachtree City was just 954 square feet. Pretty small for suburban living. The home was an older home near Lake Peachtree. The largest home sold last year was a monolithic 11,261 square-foot property in Smokerise. What do you get for that gargantuan footprint? Six bedrooms, six full baths, two half-baths, two kitchens, a media room and a wine cellar…all for just under $1 million. That’s only $87.50 per square foot. The buyer got a great deal! Until recently, Georgia real estate agents were not permitted to include square footage in listing information. It was one of those oddities of the local market. This has changed but about 15% of agents remain hesitant to release the information.

Highest turnover

The neighborhoods with the most homes sold last year were Centennial with 25 sales, Cedarcroft with 22 homes sold and Planterra Ridge with 18. Those three neighborhoods are among the largest in the city, along with Wilshire Estates and Smokerise. The neighborhoods also are some of Peachtree City’s newer ones. Construction trends in the 1980s focused on smaller neighborhoods and there were many that did not have any homes sold in 2012.

Did you enjoy Peachtree City home sales trivia? Let me know if you’d like more information about the neighborhood where you live.

*MLS is the multiple listing service where brokers share the listings of property they represent with other brokers.

My day in court

I feel like a game show winner.

Went to court in December for a parking ticket. After a couple hours waiting, entered a plea of Not Guilty and got a date for a trial (yikes!) with a stern warning that a bench warrant would be issued if I forgot the date. Terrified, I kept the notice, wrote the date in my calendar and obsessed about until today: The day of reckoning.

Went to court early this morning for more waiting – gotta love a last name that starts with “R” – where I finally met with the Solicitor who said she would reduce the $125 fine to $50. I tried to negotiate for $25. She laughed. Waited some more and then was told to come back this afternoon for the aforementioned scary trial.

Back to court again….While listening to an interesting trial (yawn) the Solicitor called me over and amended my citation. Whooops. Maybe I did that.

Having noticed that the courtroom was nearly empty by this time, she took pity on me and offered a $25 fine in exchange for a Guilty plea. But by then it was my turn…. heck, I was there. Might as well go for Door #3 and take my chances. The Judge asked if I wanted more time to review the amended citation and set another trial date?

Uh, no. At this point I’d rather pay a $250 fine then come back to court again.

I raised my right hand and promised to tell the truth, ending with a definitive, “Yes, sir.” Evidently the phrase they were looking for was, “I do.” I was a bit nervous. To be honest.

The Solicitor spoke, then the very cute officer gave his testimony, drew a diagram (Gulp. It was pretty good for such short notice) and by then I was really sorry for everything I’ve ever done wrong including my erroneous parking. The officer said he walked around the shopping center looking for me for at least 20 minutes before writing me the ticket. Who knew?! What a sweetheart!

At long, long last it was my moment. From the time this Odyssey began way back in November, it was the moment of which I had dreamed. Seriously, I couldn’t sleep last night. I had the microphone and the Judge’s ear. I gave it my best shot. The Solicitor talked some more. Finally, it was judgment time.

“Guilty, but I’m suspending the fine.”

My pride wounded but my pocketbook intact, I thanked everyone for their time and I was free to go. Without the threat of a bench warrant hanging over my head! Halleluiah!

Booo-ya! From $125 to $50 to $25 to goose egg. And that’s why you should work with me when buying or selling a home. I can negotiate, baby! Though you might not want me to park your car.

Here are a few things I learned after two days sitting in Peachtree City’s municipal court:

1. If your neighbor’s flood lights are driving you crazy, don’t waste everyone’s time calling the police, filing complaints and going to court. Talk to your neighbor, take them some cookies and see if being nice works for you. If not, get a blackout curtain and move on with your life.

2. Instead of talking to their parents, some people call the police if a kid plays a prank and rings a doorbell in the middle of the night.

3. Getting drunk before you meet with your parole officer = violation of parole+another DUI.

4. Very young men wearing the uniform of khakis, blue button-down shirt and tie have all been charged with underage drinking.

5. There is a DUI video that must be amazingly compelling because so many people agree to watch it as part of their sentence.

6. If you are sentenced to perform community service in Peachtree City, negotiate by offering to serve up to 40 hours of community service in exchange for a reduction of other terms of your sentence. Why? Because you can earn double credit by serving your time with Keep PTC Beautiful, however, double credit is not allowed for 20 hours or less. So regardless if your sentence is 20, 30 or 40 hours you’ll only have to do 20. Get credit for 40!

7. Be on time! If you’re not, you have to sit in the dunce chairs in the middle of the room and your name goes to the bottom of the list. Although if your last name is Zzzzzgwer, might as well be late. Your name is already on the bottom of the list.

8. Don’t miss your court date! Peachtree City will issue a bench warrant for your arrest faster than you can say “golf cart.”

Next up: Jury duty